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Supervising and auditing

Supervising COMTEK is a system of professional supervision of overall operations performed during the construction and commissioning of oil production wells.

COMTEK specialists represent the interests of the customer at all stages of work and guarantee the provision of complete and objective information on contractors' work.

Mikhail Alexandrovich
Head of COMTEK brunch office in Nizhnevartovsk

Has graduated from Kuban State Technological University with the specialization in Development and Exploitation of oil and gas fields. He started his career as a drilling mud process engineer at M-I SWACO.

He also worked his way up to the engineer of technical support in Western Siberia. During the whole period of his work he improved his own qualification and took more than 20 courses developed by M-I SWACO and Schlumberger methods.

Before joining COMTEK, he held the position of Head of Drilling Mud Division at Gazpromneft-Khantos, where he was repeatedly thanked for his high results and personal contribution to development, including participation in preparation for the Bazhenov formation project, which is regularly published in scientific journals.

Я в бурении всю жизнь - знаю, какую огромную роль играет наставничество, контроль и помощь со стороны профессионалов. Буровому супервайзеру, в силу многозадачности и специфики работы, не просто обеспечивать контроль за деятельностью сервисных компаний на всех этапах строительства скважины, а тем более отслеживать квалификацию каждого сотрудника подрядной организации.

Внешний специализированный супервайзинг – незаменимая вещь. Но только в том случае, если вам помогает квалифицированная команда специалистов, которые знают, что, как и когда нужно делать. В КОМТЭК другие не работают.

During my labor activity, I worked both on the side of Oilfield Service Contractors and the Customer. I have got a good experience in looking at any "360 degrees" process. I always try to anticipate problems and difficulties, analyze the causes, think ahead about what can be done to avoid them, to warn. My task is to ensure that the employees of COMTEK and Contractors' organizations also work on it in synergy, achieving the highest results for our Customers.

Working in COMTEK to the full extent gives me the opportunity to implement and improve the acquired skills, to achieve new heights, working in a team with the Customers.

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