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What is an independent supervising needed for?
To get the truthful overview of contractors’ work
To start oil production on a scheduled time
To reduce downtime and complete production stops
To minimize accidents and injuries, and apply environmental standards for production
How does it work?
Quality control of contractors' work at all stages
Organization of a system for identifying and recording violations in the process of work
Act as your representative with contractors
Interaction with contractors and the customer to eliminate violations and prevent them
Action plan
Contractors auditing with verification
  • Storage conditions for dry mixes
  • Technical equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
Control over casing launching and cementing
  • Conductor
  • Technical string
  • Capital string
bridge installation
Additional advantages
Author's method
of auditing and
defining the results
work with
Participation of COMTEK specialists in meetings with contractor representatives, consultations, and feedback
Access to all information on the project 24/7 in the customer's Personal Area

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